Friday, July 31, 2020

On a recent Thursday in London, I took the train into the city – but this was my first time on public transport in more than 120 days.

Life post Covid19 is a bit odd. I felt anxious being on the train. I wore a face mask, which is mandatory on all London public transport. My train carriage was empty most of the time, so I felt pretty safe. However, I always had my hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes ready – just in case.

I took the London Overground train from Clapham Junction to Shoreditch – so I could get a haircut. Beauty salons in the UK were able to reopen on July 4th and I waited a week just to give it some time before I scheduled a haircut. I hadn’t had a haircut since September last year – nearly 10 months ago.

Shoreditch was eerie. Gone were the bustling streets. Brick Lane was devoid of any tourists and really any people at all. There were no street vendors. Gone was a lot of the more artistic street art – only to be replaced with tagging and graffiti art. Everything felt different and odd.

Here’s a glimpse of what my journey into Shoreditch looked like.

Gotta wear a face mask - might as well look good!