Friday, April 30, 2021

Most of this spring was spent under long-lasting Covid restrictions in London. That has given me more time to appreciate the changing seasons.

I’ve walked and cycled numerous times through our neighborhood of Battersea in southwest London as well as the surrounding neighborhoods. I’ve seen the snowdrops appear in January and February followed by sunny daffodils, then bright pink cherry blossoms in April and finally the English bluebells and purple wisteria blossoms. The latter usually appearing in April through May.

The New York Times recently posed an interesting question: "After a year of languishing, New York City is flourishing. More so than usual?...Have the flowers changed or have we?"

I know that I've changed after experiencing life in a pandemic as well as several lockdowns. I’ve been waiting for my life to return to normal. I also know I've had more time to notice the spring flowers around me. How about you?