Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Four airports and many hours later I finally landed back in Nebraska last night.

The captain said the temperature was 20 F outside when we arrived. But when I went outside to find the rental car, I swear it felt like 5 below zero. I immediately wanted to retreat back inside to the warmth of the terminal.

The brutal wind whipped across my face. I’d forgotten how awful winters can be in the Midwest.

My home state is mainly flat, especially on the eastern side. The wind easily blows when nothing is standing in its way. Snow drifts pile up several feet high.

Welcome home!

I’m spending the next two weeks in the U.S. to visit my family, my husband’s family and our friends for the holidays. On Monday, I spent the night in New York City to visit with some close friends. It was frigid and snowy there too.

I woke up at 5 a.m., still disoriented and sleepy from the travel and time difference. I decided to take some photos from my friend’s 12th floor apartment on the Upper West Side.

The city that never sleeps appeared to be in a dark slumber at least from where I stood. A few cars whizzed by on the West Side Highway, but otherwise the predawn air seemed still.

I finally went back to sleep after reading for a bit.

Later, my longtime friend and I were able to catch up over coffee and then lunch at Big Nick’s on Broadway Street. I couldn’t leave town without having some NY pizza – especially pepperoni. Although we’ve eaten several tasty pizzas (with a crispy, thin crust) in Istanbul, nothing beats a NY slice.

The funny thing is that this NY institution serves you a small piece of bakalava at the end of your meal.  The menu features several Greek specialties.

During the past two days I’ve racked up about 7,000 miles so I could be home for the holidays. 

It’s been a tiring journey, and I’m still a bit jet lagged. But like Dorothy said when she clicked her ruby shoes: “There’s no place like home.”

Nebraska snow indeeds piles up.

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Danielle said...

Welcome home to the States! Hope you have a great holiday and get all of your U.S. food fixes! :)

Jason said...

Glad you made it safe hon. I still have about 7,000 miles left to go, but I'll see you in a week. Great pics of NYC.

Joy said...

Thanks! You know I'll be eating well here!