Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Manavgat - Although there are several waterfalls near Antalya, we only had time to stop at one.

Our first stop on our road trip included a visit to the waterfalls in Manavgat, Turkey. This coastal city has become a tourism magnet in recent years, given its close proximity to the ancient Greek-Roman ruins in Side.

Once you turn off the main road, just follow the brown signs that read Manavgat Şelalesi. As often is the case, you may wonder if you are heading in the right direction, but soon you will see the large otopark on the right-hand side of the road.

After you pay the minimal admission fee, you must walk pass many stores hawking Turkish souvenirs. We were only interested in taking a few photos and then continuing on our journey. However, if we had time, we easily could have relaxed at one of the restaurants or the çay bahçesi (tea gardens) that offer great views of the waterfall.
While the waterfalls are pretty, they are not impressive. The water flows over the rocks in several locations to create a small drop-off.
However, I would recommend stopping here if you are in the area to see Side or heading to Alanya.
We used our new tripod so we could get a photo of us together by the falls.
Manavgat Şelalesi: about 2-3 km north of the city
Admission: 3 TL
Note: Several tourism companies offer canoe and white-water rafting trips on the Manavgat River.

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Julia said...

We need to get out and travel around the Antalya area next time we're there. We were there in March but didn't have time for much exploration. Great pics.

Joy said...

There is so much to see in the area. I highly recommend renting a car if you can. I hate traveling in large tour groups unless necessary!

Also, we need to explore your neck of the woods as many of the Lycian era ruins are near you. =)