Sunday, January 8, 2012

This week, I've been running all over Istanbul to show our first guests of 2012 an insider's view of this magnificent city.

Here's a glimpse of our week:

Random Turkish marching band in Taksim.

Eating fried mussels as a snack near Cicek Pasaji.

Meeting an art historian and a new friend.

Discovering the antique neighborhood of Cukurcuma.

Dancing after midnight in Taksim.

Photogenic street cats everywhere we went.

Capturing the "golden hour" along the Bosphorus.

Continuing to impress the Turkish shopkeepers with my language skills.

Eating a variety of kebaps and kofte nearly every day.

Pointing out the sights in Istanbul (I make a pretty good tour guide.)

Sharing the raki and balik experience followed by nargile with our U.S. friends .

Helping my friends buy a true kilim in the Grand Bazaar.

Sharing the joys of Istanbul with our friends - priceless!



jaz@octoberfarm said...

it sounds like so much fun!

Julia said...

Wow, you don't mess about do you, Joy? ;) You sound like you're so happy to be back. Great isn't it?! Enjoy!

Joy said...

Can't help it! There's so many wonderful spots to explore in this city.

@Julia, yes I'm a bit of a travel schedule person, but I do allow time for random wandering around. ;-)

PageAndLeaf said...

How lovely! I haven't been in İstanbul since summer and missed it, to tell the truth.

And what an amazing idea, using the travel photos as the screensaver! Silly me, never thought of that till now! xx

Joy said...

@Ipek: You have so many great travel photos. I'm sure you will enjoy seeing them that way! :)

I was gone about 1 month for the holidays and definitely missed Istanbul.