Monday, March 19, 2012

Look how the vendor uses cay glasses to show off the blood orange juice!

Every Saturday, I have a culinary adventure at my local pazar in Istanbul.

Lately, I've been enchanted by the gigantic piles of blood oranges. And they are so cheap! One week we bought smaller ones - perfect for juicing - for only 5TL for 5 kilos. This week, they cost 10TL (about $6 USD) for 5 kilos (about 11 pounds).

Once we get home, I wash and cut the blood oranges in half. Hubby juices every single one. Our white kitchen counter is full of fuchsia splotches! Thank goodness for Domestos!

Our 5 kilos yields about 2 liters of fresh blood orange juice. Delicious at breakfast time!

What seasonal produce have you been enjoying lately in Turkey or wherever you may be?

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Jana ★ said...

Love the oranges :D
Un besito linda!

Joy said...

@Jana, gracias! But I'm pretty sure you get some fabulous blood oranges over there in Spain too. ;-)

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i wish they were that cheap here! we have 80 degree weather here so anything seasonal feels out of season. for easter i will be baking my traditions sour cream rolls and nut coils! i think i might make a leg of lamb.

Danielle said...

beautiful! they're heading out of season here...i welcome spring, but i will miss the citrus!!

Joy said...

@jaz, that meal sounds delicious as always!

@Danielle, yes, I'll enjoy the last of the citrus while I can. But I am sooo ready for spring too! Finally sunny and in the 50s here in Istanbul.

Andrew Graeme Gould said...

A lovely shot of the oranges, Joy. That juice must have been sensational. Over here in Santiago, we've just coming to the end of summer and the melon season, and have had some beautiful watermelon, cantaloupe (rockmelon to us in Australia, by the way), as well as honeydew this year.

Karen said...

I was sad when my local store told me mandalinas were "yok." But the sense of anticipation I feel for Turkey cherry and peach season is off-the-charts!