Friday, November 15, 2013

Whenever I return to my homestate of  Nebraska, I feel like not much really changes.

That’s especially true as soon as I enter my childhood home that my parents have owned since 1972.

Mom: “Why aren’t you wearing any socks? You’ll catch a cold.”

“You shouldn’t drink that grape juice in the living room. What if you spill it on the carpet?”

“Don’t tease the dog.”

I feel like I’m 15 years old again instead of in my mid-30s. It happens every time I return home. Do all moms act this way as their children grow up?

At home, I’m sleeping in my childhood room again. The pink and flower-flecked wallpaper and rosy-colored carpet is still the same. An embroidered picture of my name by one of my aunts still hangs on the wall. Abandoned boxes full of college papers, books and photos of ex-boyfriends still reside in my old closet.
I found my long-lost baby photos tucked away in a cupboard filled with holiday decorations at my parents' house. The one on my right has always been my favorite.
I always feel a bit out of place returning “home” even though this is where I grew up. This life is so different and quiet from my always-changing expat life. I don’t know which country we will live in the next few years. I don’t know when we’ll live in the U.S. again. I don’t know when we will have a permanent home, but at the same time, I enjoy this nomadic life. It’s not always easy either, but we make it work. I hope that all makes sense. I'm sure other expats can relate a bit.

My mom and dad, on the other hand, think my life is hectic and crazy. They may see it that way, but that’s okay. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I doubt we’ll ever live in the same house for 40 years either. 

I’ll be spending the next 10 days with my family, and then I’ll be with my husband’s family. I’ll be a bit out of touch as we catch up with our families during our annual U.S. trip. I’ll try and write a few blog posts, but hopefully, you’ll understand why I’m out of touch.

Cheers from chilly Nebraska!

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Unknown said...

Hi Joy! I enjoyed your nostalgic post - I empathize all the way, my parents were expats too so it's a complete way of life for me although you cld say I have a permanent posting now! Your parents must be so happy to have you home x

jaz@octoberfarm said...

oh what fun! i love the baby photos! it must be so nice to have a home to go back to visit. and parents. i hardly remember what my home was like. have a wonderful time back in the states!

BacktoBodrum said...

Yes to your question. That's what Moms do.

Joy said...

@Claudia, thanks dear! I hope they enjoy having me. My dad has really slowed down and his health is seriously declining so I'm just trying to spend as much quality time with them and help out as much as I can!

@Joyce, I can't believe I found those baby photos! Yay! I'll definitely enjoy...getting ready for our first turkey feast tomorrow!

@Annie, ha ha....I figured as much! :-)

Alyson said...

I understand completely on expat life! When family and friends ask where we'll be in two years, I can honestly respond that I have no clue. While I think it drives them crazy, I love the possibilities of it all!

Joy said...

@Alyson, exactly! Expat life isn't always easy, but yes, we love the traveling and other possibilities as well! :-)