Friday, June 6, 2014

Nearly hidden on the northern edges of Łazienki Park is a beautiful botanical garden.

The Ogród Botaniczny in Warsaw was first established in 1811 near the university and then moved a few years later to what was considered the Royal Garden in the park. The present gardens, open from April to October, are set up on five hectacres and divided into different sections.

On one Sunday in May, I rode my bike over and spent the afternoon listening to the free Chopin concert and strolling all over the park’s grounds. I had never visited the Ogród Botaniczny, so I paid the 7 pln admission and set out to see what I would find behind those metal gates.

I was delighted to find all kinds of pretty spring blossoms such as pink and yellow peonies, purple columbines, rosy magnolias, crimson-colored tulips, lavender lilacs and much more.
As a kid growing up in Nebraska, I spent countless hours in the gardens of both my grandmothers and my mother. I’ve always loved flowers and even spent two seasons working at a greenhouse/farm near Kansas City. Hence, my recent blog posts about the flowers I’ve seen in Paris and Poland.
I spent about an hour wandering through the botanical gardens and took over 100 photos of the flowers and buzzing bees I saw. I’m sure you’ll recognize many of the flower as I did. Apparently, one of the gardens included a collection of plants from various parts of Poland that would be found in the mountains, near the seashore, peat-bog areas, etc. Most of the plants were well labeled, but I simply enjoyed walking around with my camera.

If you have time and love flowers, the Ogród Botaniczny is definitely worth visiting in Warsaw.
I loved these dark crimson-colored tulips!
Buzzing bumblebees loved the sweet nectar on these purple flowers.
University of Warsaw Botanical Gardens (Ogród Botaniczny)
Aleje Ujazdowskie 4
Warsaw, Poland

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Rebecca said...

These pictures are simply beautiful! I am definitely going to check this out this summer!

Joy said...

Highly recommend a visit and happy to go back with you! :)