Monday, May 30, 2011

Unfortunately, our apartment doesn’t have a balcony.

But I figured I wouldn’t let that minor detail deter me from planting a few herbs and some flowers.
Our apartment does have a very narrow ledge with a railing all the way around it. So three weekends ago, I dragged my husband to our Home Depot-like store so I could buy some planters, bags of potting soil and a few other things for our home.

In one planter, I planted seeds of Italian basil, cilantro, dill and Italian parsley.
A second planter contains the colorful flowers. A third planter has a few sprigs of mint that I rooted myself and a small basil plant. The fourth planter is waiting to be filled.

And now, look at how the seeds are sprouting!
This summer, I hope to be able to just reach out my window and snip off a few sprigs of herbs when I’m cooking in the kitchen.

I may not have a yard, but I do have enough room to make some edible delights grow.



Julia said...

And that's exactly what the TV chefs in the UK keep trying to get across to people. You don't need a huge space to be able to grow your own fresh food. That's going to be great for once all your herbs have grown. Afiyet olsun. :)

Joy said...

I can't wait! I'll definitely have to replant all the herbs into more pots because there are about 20 of each plant in that one box!