Friday, September 9, 2011

Even at 8 a.m., this peaceful town still was waking up.

I enjoyed sipping my çay while I sat outside on our pansiyon room’s small terrace. Nearby, I could hear chickens clucking and a rooster crowing every now and then.
The streetview outside of our window. To the right, we could see a bit of the sea too.

After only four hours of sleep, we quickly showered and wandered down to enjoy our breakfast at Cundahan Konuk Evi. We wanted to explore the island for a bit; then hit the road by noon so we could enjoy some beach time later.

We chose a table near the swimming pool under a very laden nar ağacı (pomegranate tree). The owner, Ömer Bey, told us maybe another month or bir buçuk ay before the nar was ready to be picked. This was the first time I’ve seen such a large pomegranate tree upclose!
I would love to have one of these trees in my backyard some day!
The kahvaltı included the normal Turkish breakfast staples such as olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese and bread as well as homemade stuffed squash blossoms, grape leaves and a type of hot börek (savory pastry). I assume Ömer’s wife, Kamile hanım, made some of the delicious items, as there were two women in the kitchen preparing the food.
A wonderful breakfast to start the day!
Cundahan Konuk Evi is a colorfully painted, clean and comfortable place to stay. The swimming pool beckoned us, but we didn’t have enough time. Maalesef! It's one of the few hotels on the island that even has a pool.
This would be a fabulous place to relax in the afternoons!
Our room with a doublebed was painted a light sea-green color.
We wish we could have stayed another night and explored the island. It’s not very often you stay in a place that makes you feel like home!


Cundahan Konuk Evi
Cunda Adası (Alibey)
Namık Kemal Mahallesi, Selamet Caddesi
Tepebaşı Sokak, No: 5
0 (266) 327 1681

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