Sunday, April 22, 2012

Behind the Cinci Han (pictured left foreground), you can see some of the white Ottoman houses in Safranbolu, Turkey. 

Merhaba from Safranbolu, Turkey!

This quaint town, about 4 hours east of Istanbul, has really impressed me. It's full of 17th-century Ottoman wooden houses with dark-brown stained shutters and other historic buildings.

For me, I've been eagerly snapping away 100s of photos during the 2 days we've been here. I am in love with this Turkish town! We are spending the bayram (holiday) weekend here with another couple and taking full advantage of exploring as much as we can.

It's dinner time here so I should run, but please stay tuned. I'll post more photos soon!

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

i can't wait to see it all!!! have fun!!!

Ozlem's Turkish Table said...

I love Safranbolu!! Enjoy those wooden houses for me too : )

By the way, just nominated you for the Sunshine award, if you'd like to check out

Joy said...

@Joyce, I'll post soon. We really loved this town!

@Ozlem, Thank you for the Sunshine award nomination! I really appreciate it and will try and fill out the form and reciprocate soon. Busy baking week for me!

Mavi göz said...

The mother of my boyfriend was born there, I hope one day I will see this place ;)