Tuesday, May 22, 2012

(Getting a little writing done while my dad is resting here on the couch.)

Snow in late April and not too far outside of Istanbul? I couldn't believe it!

On our drive back from Safranbolu to Istanbul, our friends and us decided to take a little detour from the Istanbul-Ankara O-4 (E80) motorway.
Snow on the mountain peaks near Lake Abant Nature Park, Turkey.
We stopped at Abant Gölü (Lake Abant Nature Park), a large freshwater lake about 2 hours southeast of Istanbul.

Our Turkish friend, Murat, said his family used to go on picnics at the lake so he had fond memories of the area. Indeed, we saw many Turkish families setting up their own mangals (small grills) and carrying bags full of food.
 Abant Gölü  definitely seems like a good vacation and excursion spot outside of the city. You can even take a horse ride around the lake or bring your own fishing poles to catch some of the local trout. There also are many different pine trees that make up the dense forests in the park. Apparently, there are several guesthouses in nearby towns as well if you want to stay overnight.
Still the snow on the ground surprised me considering it had warmed up significantly in Istanbul lately. But the nature park's altitude is fairly high at 1,328 meters (4,357 ft.).

I wanted to throw snowballs at my husband for fun. But he jokingly 'threatened' me with "don't start with what you can't finish." So I decided not to play that game right then.
Instead of throwing my snowball at my husband, I threw it in the lake.
 If you are seeking a little R and R, peace and nature outside of Istanbul, then you must visit Lake Abant. 
The lake area really was tranquil! If we return, I'd definitely bring my own picnic supplies.
However, there are several cafes located on the road as you approach the park.
Hubby, me and Mother Nature.

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Karen said...


jaz@octoberfarm said...

what a beautiful place! hope all is going well!

BacktoBodrum said...

Glad you've got time to sit on that porch swinger and write. Hope your Dad's health is improving.

Unknown said...

Memories! While working on the Eregli lron and Steel mill, I visited Lake Abant (probably April or May of 1964), stayed at the lodge and caught several trout from a row boat. Beautiful place and on my bucket list to revisit.