Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Since I'm working on a longer blog post for tomorrow, I thought I'd share My Turkish Joys most recent achievement.

It looks like 2013 is starting off quite well, and you can read more about my expat life through my Expats Blog Interview. Expats Blog is the same website where I earned the fancy gold badge last month thanks to you all!

You probably already know that I like to eat, bake, cook and explore as much as I can of Turkey. But in case you're wondering, you can find out my top 5 expat tips for anyone wanting to follow in my footsteps here in Istanbul.

You'll also hear about the positives and a few negatives to living here and my best piece of advice.

Happy reading! And thank you taking part in this journey with me!

What's your best advice for living as an expat in a foreign country? 

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi joy! this is a great interview and you give such good advice. learning just a few words of someone's language really does go a long way. i always try to learn the language a bit before i travel to a new country. i studied czech for quite a while before i started traveling there. though i learned lots of individual words, i mastered only one full sentence: may i have 6 cucumbers? interestingly, that story entertained many czechs over the years! wherever i traveled, the first thing i did was hit the side streets. it is the way to learn the heart of a place.

BacktoBodrum said...

Great interview. Hope you are not thinking of leaving Istanbul in the near future.

Joy said...

@joyce, that's pretty funny! My college Spanish has come in handy when the two times we've traveled to Italy. And I can say good morning and thanks in German. Lots more to learn the more we travel! :-)

@BacktoBodrum, thank you! I certainly hope we aren't leaving any time soon. Istanbul has really captured my heart.