Wednesday, January 9, 2013

For the past two days, it has snowed nearly nonstop in Istanbul.

I'm beginning to feel like I live back in Nebraska again!

Did I mention I don't really like snow?

Well, the snow does look pretty at times, but I don't like really having to get out and about in the city when it's like this. The traffic gets even worse than it usually is.

Yesterday afternoon, I donned my snow boots and delivered a fresh batch of pastries to my favorite coffeeshop, Denizen Coffee, in Sultanahmet. This gave me the opportunity to see what the Old City looked like once again covered in snow.

I've walked by the Blue Mosque and Ayasofya hundreds of time, but these historic sites look even more majestic when blanketed with a layer of snow.

Have a look for yourself at my Instagram photos in this post! Oh, and you can find me on Instagram @myturkishjoys. I often post photos here from around Istanbul and my travels in Turkey.

What do you think of these snowy photos?
Selling roasted chestnuts in the snow in the Hippodrome in Sultanahmet.
Fountain in front of the Blue Mosque in the Sultanahmet Square.
Firuz Ağa Camii near the tramway in Sultanahmet.
Blue Mosque covered in snow - the only non-Instagram photo.
Black bird and a ferry boat in snowy Kabataş.
The sun briefly peaked out over the snow-covered Hippodrome in Sultanahmet.
Pigeons enjoying the snow in Sultanahmet.
Here, you can see how gusty it really was in Sultanahmet.
Buses and roasted chestnut sellers in the snow in Kabataş.
Another ferry boat docked at Kabataş.
Other snowfall blog posts during the past two years:

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Karen said...

These are terrific photos, Joy. At first, I thought the fountain picture was of frozen ice! Thanks for sharing. I worried you would fall trying to carry pastries yesterday.

Anne Mackle said...

Lovely photos I like the one with the Hippodrome it looks like a photo from the forties .

Joy said...

@Karen, Thank you! Made it out and about alright yesterday thanks to my good snow boots! :-)

@Anne, thank you! The chestnut seller in Sultanahmet is one of my favs.

Unknown said...

I love to see natural photo's and these are just great. Feel as though I'm there taking them feeling the chill Brrr..

BacktoBodrum said...

Very pretty but I'm happy to look at the photos rather than be there.

Joy said...

@Esther and BacktoBodrum, thanks for stopping by! It is cold outside so I'm trying to stay inside as often as I can.

Unknown said...

Gosh Joy - your photos are simply excellent ... forget the cooking, take up serious photography! They are fabulous!

Julia said...

Great set of photos, Joy. Still an ambition of ours to get to Istanbul in the snow - we should swap places for a bit then you can have our sunshine. ;)

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi joy! these photos are beautiful! we are about to have 60 degrees and all of my snow is melting. i LOVE snow and sure hope we get more soon! joyce

Alan said...

I'd best stop moaning about that bit of frost we've had the last couple of mornings!

jenny@atasteoftravel said...

I'm fascinated by these photos of snow in Istanbul. The city looks so beautiful with a covering of white! I was there last month and it was freezing and wet. Somehow I think snow might be better than rain!

Manya said...

Lovely photos -Instagram gives them such a vintage appearance. I thnk the chestnut seller is my favorite as well. Love to eat chestnuts on the street in Istanbul.

Carolyn Abiad said...

Beautiful! I like them all, but if I had to choose, I'd say the one with the chestnut stand. Colors and everything were just right in that one.

Joy said...

@Claudia, thanks dear! Must be the tips I've learned thanks to the Photography Club in Istanbul. :-)

@Julia, do I hear a house swap? That could be an excellent idea!

@Joyce, it's a bit warmer today and the sun is shining. I don't think our snow will be around for much longer!

Joy said...

@Alan, just frost? At one point, the snow was coming down so fast and furious, I thought we might be in for a small blizzard!
@jenny, I hear you about the rain. When it's cold, gray and rainy in Istanbul, it's not the best for sightseeing. Hope you enjoyed your trip!
@Manya and @Carolyn, thanks for stopping by. The red on the chestnut cart really makes that photo stand out amongst the white snow.