Friday, April 5, 2013

I simply can’t get enough of the bright tulips blooming here in Istanbul.

So here is part two of the Tulip Time in Emirgan Korusu blog post I shared on Wednesday. I hope you all get a chance to tiptoe through the tulips like we did last weekend.

Which one is your favorite photo?

In case you want to see more tulip photos, please check out the Hürriyet Daily News and Economic Review’s photo gallery of Istanbul’s tulips.

I love this honeybee photo! It would be perfect for my friend over at Balyolu.

We saw a few Turkish wedding couples taking advantage of the flower backdrops for photos.
Lovers and Tulips
A river of sunset-colored tulips

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Julia said...

What fab wedding photos that couple are going to have! Love the new look of the blog by the way. We are soooo slow at sorting ours! ;)

Joy said...

@Julia, Thanks so much! I'm trying and had to hire some help. I'm still working on some tweaks. Yavas, yavas, right? ;-)

tanja said...

Amazing tulip photos, I am so looking forward to spring (here in Vienna it is still cold and pretty winterish)... Love the new look of your blog! Have a wonderful day!

Joy said...

@Tanja, thank you! The blog is still a work in progress. Hopefully I'll work out all the kinks soon. ;-)