Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I love outdoor markets for their vibrant colors, the tantalizing smells, the different ingredients and the local people.

In my mind, no trip to Istanbul would be complete without a visit to a local pazar (think farmer’s market meets flea market). Every neighborhood in Istanbul hosts a pazar on different days of the week. When we lived here, we would frequent the large Saturday pazar in Beşiktaş
near our apartment.

This time, since I’m not a visitor in Istanbul, I decided to go to the Tuesday 4Levent pazar because it’s conveniently located near the metro stop. This one is known as the Salı Pazar in Turkish. Every now and then, I used to meet friends here for a quick shopping excursion and perhaps lunch.

This pazar also is home to my favorite gözleme (a Turkish version of a freshly made quesadilla) seller. He also can be found cooking up hot gözleme on Thursdays at the Ulus pazar under the Bosphorus bridge. In addition, his family makes some really great dolmas you can take home for later.

Another reason I wanted to stop by this specific pazar is that there is one stall run by a Chinese family. The mother and son, I think, sell the odd, cheap bric a brac from China. I bought a few of the hand-held fans and nylon shopping bags, which are great for holding your fresh produce purchased at the pazar.

I took several photos this time so you can experience the pazar for yourself. The summertime really is the best in Turkey because the stalls are so colorful.

Afiyet olsun!
Take the metro to the 4Levent stop.
Follow the exit signs for Yenilevent.
Once outside, walk past the bus stops. Turn right.
Walk about 3 blocks and then turn right again at the simit seller.
You really can’t miss the pazar, and you simply can follow all the ladies with their shopping bags and trolleys!

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

oh how cool. i love the sandals with the skulls!

BacktoBodrum said...

Glad you had a good trip back to Turkey.

Joy said...

@Joyce, how funny! I didn't even notice those! :-)

@Annie, thank you! Most certainly did!

R. Samolot said...

Really great photos; Pazar almost as Hala Mirowska in Warsaw.

Joy said...

@R. Samolot, thank you! I'll need to post some photos from Hala soon as it's also quite colorful right now. We also tried the brewery you mentioned on Nowy Swiat recently. Good beer! My friend loved the stout.

Gwen said...

I want to try Turkish wines

Kyri said...

All those fresh, healthy veggies and fruit. Gorgeous.