Thursday, July 24, 2014

Since it’s drearily raining here in Warsaw, I thought I’d bounce back to Paris – a city that’s romantic even when it is raining!

During our last trip, I  realized that Parisians seem to j’adore flowering window boxes! Everywhere I walked in Paris, I stumbled upon vivid red geraniums spilling over the window boxes.
Geraniums in shades of hot pink, red and white seemed to be the most popular flower.
Of course, I started noticing so many of these window boxes, so I thought, “Hmm…I bet these would make a nice photo post.” So here you go. I selected 12 of my favorite photos for this special French blog post.

Besides geraniums, I did spy a few window boxes featuring elegant roses behind the wrought iron fencing on the balconies.
As I walked around Paris, I wondered what kind of people lived behind these well-maintained window boxes? Perhaps a young French couple, an older mademoiselle or a kind old gentleman? I wonder.
I remember taking this photo of window boxes in the Les Halles neighborhood.
What do you think?

Au revoir!
BTW, Here’s another blog post I found online featuring Paris Window Boxes. 

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

they are just gorgeous! and they look so....french!

Jennifer L. said...

LOVE this Joy!

Joy said...

@Joyce, Thanks, and yes, very French! :-)

Joy said...

Thanks Jennifer! Hope we can meet up for another photography trek soon!

Unknown said...

Beautiful, j'adore paris post, Joy! These window boxes are just soo French, they couldn't be anything else. Love it. We are going to paris in September so any restaurant recommendations would be most welcome :) love from Istanbul!

Magda said...

I've finally found somebody who is crazy about windows as I am :) Paris has amazing windows!

Joy said...

Definitely Claudia! I'll pass along my list! Xoxo

Joy said...

Lol....I've been meaning to do a whole series of windows and doors from our travels. There's something about them! :-)

Oscar Smith said...

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