Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One morning during our French road trip with the grandparents, hubby and I woke up early and decided to go walking in the nearby tiny village of Puisseguin.

We spent two nights here in the Bordeaux region so we could eat, drink and explore the famed city of St. Emilion. Grandpa wanted to sample wines from Bordeaux and Châteauneuf-du-Pape so I had coordinated our 8-day trip around that request.
I loved the pretty hydrangeas here!
Puisseguin is surrounded by vineyards in every direction and a perfect escape from the touristy St. Emilion. Taking an early morning walk allowed us to be together by ourselves; and I wanted to take photos of the scenery. As you know, I love taking photos, but our grandparents didn’t have the patience for all the photos I would have liked to have taken on our trip.

Right outside Puisseguin, we wandered off to what looked like a more local road. Amidst the lush grapevines, I could see crosses in the distance. We had stumbled upon the village cemetery in the middle of all the vineyards. What a beautiful location!
I tried to open the door but couldn’t. So I proceeded to walk around the cemetery to figure out if I could scale the stone walls to get inside. Meanwhile, hubby checked out the other side and eventually was able to get the old wooden door open.
We didn’t have much time to wander around the cemetery here, but I did take several photos of the elaborate and aging metal crosses. Most of the older plots dated to the early 1900s and World War II, but there were several newer tombstones as well. Again, I found the French architecture much different from other cemeteries we have visited.

If you were buried here, you certainly couldn’t ask for a prettier location, right?

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