Monday, June 20, 2016

While friends in the Northern Hemisphere constantly post photos of themselves beachside or barbecuing, I’m rugged up in a coat, scarf and hat. It’s officially autumn, well technically winter here Down Under.

Oddly, Australia likes to celebrate the change of seasons on the first of the month. For example, June 1st meant we officially heralded in the winter season.  Meanwhile, friends in the Northern Hemisphere will be celebrating the Summer Solstice today on June 20th – the longest day of the year. On September 1st, we’ll mark the first day of spring while you “Northerners” celebrate fall.

I first started seeing signs of autumn in Melbourne back in mid-April. The leaves do start changing color even though the city has many native trees that do not drop their leaves or change color. But when the city’s numerous parks and gardens do turn, there’s something magical about the vibrant reds, yellows and browns adorned throughout the city’s streets.
Take a stroll along the Yarra River or through the CBD or Fitzroy Gardens. Unfortunately, I haven’t made it to the Botanic Gardens yet, but I understand the autumn display here is quite wonderful.
Now, even in the middle of June, I’ve found plenty of color around the city to photograph. However, I will admit that are rainy, cold, crappy days have started setting in for good, I’m afraid.
Edinburgh Gardens in North Fitzroy is one of Melbourne's most popular parks with its large footy grounds and bike trails.
In case you haven’t heard, Melbourne has a reputation for having “four seasons in one day.” I quickly learned this is true. Be sure to always carry a cardigan, scarf, umbrella and your sunnies (sunglasses) with you no matter what the forecast says! I’ve been left in the rain on several occasions when I thought surely the blue skies wouldn’t turn on me, but oh yes, they will. Trust me!
Blue skies can be quite deceptive!
This autumn, we've been lucky to sit outside on several weekends and enjoy a pint along the Yarra River.
Just dress in layers (and more layers) and you’ll be prepared for pretty much any situation that Melbourne’s autumn can throw at you.
St. Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne.
On a nice autumn day, you can rent a boat at the Studley Park Boat House. 
The many shades of autumn in Melbourne. This time in the Malvern/Hawthorne neighborhoods.
An autumn sunset in Melbourne.

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Unknown said...

Way amazing pictures. i would trade the hot Texas heat for the winter. It looks amazing. I am glad you are enjoying the beautiful sights.

Joy said...

Thx Steph! Yeah I have to say I don't like those kind of hot temps. Our fall weather has been pretty alright so far.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

beautiful. i'll be right there. this 90+ weather is killing me!

Joy said...

@Joyce, Hop on over! I wouldn't mind a bit warmer temps, but fall has been alright so far! :)

Julia said...

The hemispheres are one thing in life that always confuse my brain. I'm typing this on our balcony and it's almost 40 degrees as I read about your autumn leaves around Melbourne. ll very pretty, though, and actually, we'd love a bit of autumn weather right now. ;)