Thursday, November 30, 2017

The days between late September and early November are the best times to catch autumn in its full autumnal glory here in London.

By late November, as I’m writing now, the city is grey, cold and nearly lifeless. The trees are bare, but at least the parks have plenty of remaining fall leaves for me to fluff up with my boots.
Between working full-time and often travelling, I feel like I missed most of autumn in London this year, but I managed to catch a few snaps on those days I did have time to explore my “hometown.”

Borough Market
Going to one of the local markets here such as the famous Borough Market means you’ll find plenty of British apples, pumpkins and squash during the autumn months. My husband’s colleagues requested an American apple pie so I obliged and made one on my day off. No rest for this pastry chef.
Bizarre Red Sun in London
Around 3 p.m. on October 16th, the skies clouded over and turned a bizarre, hazy orange color. I thought a zombie apocalypse might really be happening, but the change in atmosphere was the result of Hurricane Ophelia stirring up particles and possibly Sahara Dessert dust. I got lucky with these photos because that day was my day off and I was out with my good Canon camera.

Richmond Park
In late October, I finally got my husband to Richmond Park with me. We’ve never been together because I’m normally working on the weekends and he works weekdays. We got lucky with the weather so we decided to rent bikes for half a day and packed a small picnic in our backpack. We brought along one of my favorite Turkish wines from the Bozcaada island. 

I love Richmond Park, which served as hunting grounds to England’s former kings and is London’s largest royal park at 2,500 acres. There are plenty of red and fallow deer that roam here. Great for photo opps!

St. James Park
I rarely venture through this part of London because the hordes of tourists drive me crazy. However, our uncle was visiting so we took him by to see the Queen at Buckingham Palace and wandered through the pretty St. James Park.

Battersea Park
As city dwellers, Battersea Park has become our miniature version of NYC’s Central Park – the perfect place to relax or exercise in. The park has some lovely, old maple trees that turn such pretty autumnal colors.

Where did you celebrate autumn this year?

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Julia said...

Autumn was late coming to Fethiye this year but we've loved its arrival. Especially all the seasonal foods that come with that season. Don't know where to start at the moment with all our shopping. :)

Joy said...

It's always lovely to see fall--no matter where you are in the world. Love pumpkins and squashes right now...and parsnips...and... ;)

Jimy said...

Autumn looks cool and calm, i would definitely love to visit London during September to experience the best moment. Thanks for sharing this great article.

BacktoBodrum said...

We are just getting a bit of Fall now. A few trees and the climbing fake vine are turning rusty colours.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Greetings from Istanbul. I have just discovered your blog.

Wow, Richmond brings back memories. When I was studying in London (in the late 1980's), I went there a few times. Nice place.