Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What an exhausting and crazy day!

Many women, including myself, invested tons of volunteer hours to make the annual Christmas Bazaar (hosted by the International Women of Istanbul) a roaring success!

It’s always nice to see the efforts of your hard work pay off, but at the same time I’m worn out.

Today, I spent most of the time selling salads to the hoards of customers in the food court section. At the end of the day, we counted 1,342 tickets or Turkish Liras that were spent at our table. Awesome! Money raised from the event is donated to various local charities that assist women and children in need.

Here's a view of the salad bar when everything was fresh.

As you know from my previous post, I also baked and decorated dozens of cookies and quick breads for the American table. I was told everything sold out. Hooray!

A view of the "disappearing" baked goods.
Some of the American ladies and friends whom worked at the bazaar.
Earlier in the morning, I had a chance to walk around and admire all the lovely homemade Christmas ornaments, jewelry, table décor, clothing and so much more. I bought a few things for myself and family members.

But I had my eyes on the imported foods – things you readily can’t find here or even if at all. Women from their native countries of France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Italy sold cheese, chartrucerie, wines, baked goods, mustard and numerous goodies.

Of course, I wanted everything! It’s hard for me not to spend money on good food, especially when it’s a pork product.
Here's what I bought: almond paste, 3 kinds of cheese and several pork products.

Tonight, I think I’ll be eating some of that French Camembert cheese for my dinner. 

Honey, you better hurry and get home from work or it might be gone!

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