Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today, it reached a hot and sunny 91F here near Bodrum, a popular beach resort area in SW Turkey. We spent most of the day by the pools!

The weather is great and the beach is lovely, but our hotel, WOW Bodrum Resort, isn't exactly what we had in mind. There are a lot of young families here - many kids under the age of 5. Plus, our hotel room is located next door to a very unhappy child. We had just hoped for a more couple-like weekend. Surprisingly, there also are several European women that think it's okay to go topless here!

Well, we'll at least enjoy the sun and some R&R for 2 more days with Tom and Mary before they had back to the U.S.

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Julia said...

Welcome to the Turkish coast in summer, Joy! :) We love Bodrum - IN WINTER. It's so pretty. We spent a night there one summer and left first thing the morning after. Over winter, I could live there.

Unknown said...

Hi Joy! You do get around, I must say! I have only been to Bodrum once years ago. Now just about all my Turkish friends go there for the entire summer so it must have something. Enjoy the sun!

Joy said...

Hi Claudia! Yes, we want to see as much of Turkey as possible while we live here and before we start a family of our own. :) I have so many photos I want to share with you all here in my upcoming posts!