Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Since the temperatures have steadily been in the 80s and 90s everywhere we've been in Turkey, dondurma has become my new best friend.

My visitors also have taken a liking to Turkish ice cream, which is a bit chewy or stretchy compared to traditional creamy ice cream. True dondurma is made from sweetened milk and cream and thickened with mastic, an aromatic resin, and salep, produced from a particular orchid root. This procedure makes Turkish dondurma more resistant to melting - a great feature in this heat.

Just look around for these dondurma stands where you'll see the vendors tossing and pulling the ice cream in the air with long-handled paddles. It's entertaining an delicious!



Sara Louise said...

The ice cream sounds delicious. Probably a dumb question, but does it come in all the traditional ice cream flavors?

Joy said...

Hi Sara Louise! Generally I've seen the dondurma offered in chocolate, strawberry, kaymak (cream), lemon, pistachio and sometimes caramel. Right now, I'm happy to enjoy an orta cone with strawberry and lemon. =)