Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It seemed only fitting to end where we had began.

When my American friends arrived two weeks ago, I introduced them to Istanbul via Taksim and Istikal Caddesi. We walked down this pedestrian-only, bustling street, stopping to see the sights such as Cikek Pasajı, Balik  Pazarı, Church of St. Antoine and Galata Tower.
The building of Church of St. Antoine dates to 1913. However, the church
was first established in Istanbul in 1725. 
Last night, Jason and I decided to take our friends back to Taksim for a farewell dinner. We went to a small cafe that we like off of Istikal, feasted on simple etli dürüm (meat wrap sandwiches), patates tava (French fries) and izgara tavuk (grilled chicken) and drank Efes beer. We chatted about the past two weeks we’ve enjoyed together and all the traveling we’ve done. (Luckily, I have a 2-week break to relax before the next set of friends arrive.)

For “dessert,” we were able to talk our friends into trying some yeşil elma nargile (green apple-flavored tobacco in the hookah). Normally, I don’t smoke, but I do enjoy the nargile every now and then when we go out in Istanbul.

Taksim is always full of life and was a fun way to send off our friends back to the states.

Iyi yolcular!
Nightlife on Istikal Caddesi. Next time, I need to get a photo that really captures
the bustling activity here.

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Unknown said...

Istiklal is great, isn't it. But it doesn't look PACKED like it usually is, in your photo! With Ramazan fast approaching, it won't have quite the same hustle and bustle that it normally has.

Joy said...

No definitely not as busy as usual, and it was nearly midnight. It's nice to have a bit of a break from the crowds. =)