Friday, July 15, 2011

I am ready to relax in the sun and drink some Turkish wine surrounded by vineyards on a small island in the Aegean Sea this weekend.

Tonight, we are boarding the ferryboat bound from Yenikapi in Istanbul to Bandirma. From there, we will drive southwest along the coast about 2.5 hours until we reach the port in Geyikli, passing near the ruins of Troy along the way. Then, we will take a second, smaller ferryboat to get to the small Turkish island of Bozcaada - also known as Tenedos. It will be about midnight by the time we arrive.

We've been wanting to visit this little-known island, at least outside of Turkey, since we moved to Istanbul.

For centuries, Bozcaada has been known for its grapes and producing wines. One of our favorite Turkish wines, Corvus, is produced here. Tomorrow, we plan to visit the Corvus winery where we will drink and be merry.


To learn more about  Bozcaada.

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

soooo cool! will we get to see photo of your trip? and hear about what you eat?

Joy said...

Of course! :) I will write a longer post with more photos once we return. It's really a lovely island.