Tuesday, August 9, 2011

While I’m writing this, I am waiting for my freshly bought Ramazan pidesi to reheat in the oven.

If I could, I’d eat this special bread every day. But I certainly don’t want to gain back the eight pounds that I’ve lost so far either. =)

Ramazan Pidesi is only made during the month of Ramadan. Unlike most traditional bread produced throughout the year, this pide is round and egg yolk is included in the recipe, which gives it the slightly yellow color.

Around 5 p.m. every day, I can smell the numerous rounds of pide baking at the nearby bakeries in Nişantaşı. This afternoon, I trekked up to one of my favorite pastane, La Vita, so I could buy a pide for our dinner.

At first, I didn’t see the golden brown loaves in the window. Panic set in! Was I too late? Nope, instead, there were several metal baking racks of pide still cooling back by the ovens. Thank goodness!

I’m not Muslim, and I’m certainly not fasting during this month of Ramazan like most traditional Turks here in Istanbul. However, I do plan to eat and enjoy this pide while I can.

If you are anywhere in Turkey, I hope you are taking pleasure in eating your fair share of pide too!

Afiyet Olsun!
Most of the pide I've seen is topped with black nigella and sesame seeds.
But sometimes it's plain too.

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Julia said...

Oh yes, we had some last night with an Indian curry, Barry made. And we did a pide post, too! :) Well, it's just so yummy isn't it when it's still warm.

Joy said...

Yes, the pide is wonderful. Tonite, I'm making pasta and going to serve the pide with some garlic butter. Stop me! =)

Unknown said...

Yes, it is too yummy for our own good, I think!! Husband can eat one at one sitting if we get it hot straight from the fırın!

Joy said...

I've never eaten a whole one yet, but it is tempting. :)