Thursday, September 1, 2011

Surpisingly in a country filled with citrus fruits, I've never seen a lime tree.

Limes seem to be non-existent! In fact, in Istanbul, I recently paid 18 tl per kilo of limes, up from 15 tl a few months ago, compared to only 2 tl per kilo for lemons!

So I was delighted to find not one, but three lime trees at our small, family-owned hotel in the heart of Kuşadası - the Villa Konak Otel. (More about our lovely hotel later.) This lively resort town lies on the Aegean Coast and is full of foreign and Turkish holiday makers.

It's good for a stopover to visit Ephesus and the surrounding sites in the area for a few days.

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Unknown said...

Hi Joy! I've just been catching up with your posts also your husband's!!! How great that he contributed one! You have been posting a lot recently - good for you! They're so interesting and make me see it all through a newcomer's eyes once again.
Back to Istanbul tomorrow ... x

Joy said...

Thanks Claudia! And looks like you've been busy cooking! I haven't done as much lately with all our travels and guests here. Just got back to Istanbul late last night. Hope to catch up with you soon. Kadikoy market day? =)

Safe travels!

Unknown said...

İnşallah! BTW I am very impressed with your Turkish - you never get a spelling wrong!