Monday, October 24, 2011

During our recent trip to Fethiye, I took a walk along the Fethiye Marina while Jason went for a run.

The Yacht Boutique Hotel, where we were staying, was perfectly located along the marina and just a five-minute walk away from the downtown area. (BTW, I chose this hotel based on my blogging friends’ recommendations over at Turkey’s for Life.)
The view from the rooftop of the Yacht Boutique Hotel in Fethiye.
The weather could not have been better. The sun was shining. The morning air was a little crisp, but soon warmed up.

Of course, I left the camera back in our hotel room because my main purpose was to get some exercise. After breakfast, we returned so I could take some photos of the boats docked nearby.

And this is what I found....

I’ve never seen a large sailboat being made like this one we found here in the Fethiye Marina. I was impressed by how the boat was taking shape. I wonder how long it takes to complete one like this. Does anyone know?
This man was repainting this small red/white sailboat in front of the large
Jason wanted to know the length of the boat so he started pacing it out by foot. A Turkish man walked by and said in English “42 meters.”
Jason standing by the sailboat to provide some scale for its size.
How funny! He knew exactly what we wanted to know! Of course, I’m sure it might have seemed a little strange to have two yabancılar taking photos up-close of these sailboats.

Oh well! I enjoyed myself while we explored the marina area.

Next stop: Ölüdeniz.
More sailboats docked nearby.

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Julia said...

Me and Barry have just laughed out loud at the 42 metres! :)) That's Fethiye for you.

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos!

Joy said...

Yes, it was pretty funny at the time too. =)