Monday, October 31, 2011

In case you needed more reasons to visit Ölü Deniz, I thought I’d share some other photos I took during our recent trip to Fethiye.

The sea water, which is part of the Mediterranean Sea, is super clear, clean and warm. Even in the middle of October, the water temperatures were perfect for a dip!
How could you resist from getting in this beautiful water?
Swimming - bring your goggles and take a swim out to the rocky island not too far from shore. (Well, truth be told, this rock is farther away than I would swim.) My husband swam over to this destination and climbed on the rocks to see the sailboats docked on the other side. There also are some paddle boats available for the day.
One of the many sailboats that docked nearby on the day we were here.
And if the sea and swimming activities aren’t enough to entice you, how about the wildlife you can find here at Ölü Deniz?
This proud rooster was hiding underneath a table.
One of the first peacocks I've seen during our travels in Turkey.

Plus, the beach cafe serves up a decent tavuk döner when you get hungry. Hopefully, the döner meat isn’t from one of the many chickens or other birds running around on the beach. =)
An overview of  Ölü Deniz as you drive up the hills and head back to Fethiye.

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

wonderful!!! i love peacocks! happy halloween!!!

Julia said...

Well, if the chicken for the döner is from the chickens on the beach, at least you know it's free-range and fresh.;)

It's great to read other views of this area. Glad you enjoyed it.

Joy said...

@Joyce, Julia, a belated thank you! Hoping to return again this September and enjoy some of that free-range chicken! ;-)