Friday, October 28, 2011

As I look through our photos we recently took in Fethiye, I’m still quite impressed by Ölü Deniz.

Ölü Deniz, which literally translates to “dead sea” in Turkish, is a beautifully, clear lagoon and a small resort village, about 14 km (9 miles) south of Fethiye. It’s a perfect way to spend the afternoon or about six hours like we did during our recent weekend trip to Fethiye.

I have to say what was really cool and different about Ölü Deniz was watching all the paragliders smoothly sail through the air from the comfort of my beach chair. 
Look how clear the water is here at Ölü Deniz.
One of my more upclose photos of the paragliders.
I’m not sure if I could do this as I’m a bit scared of heights or more the act of jumping off and then being in the air several thousand feet off the ground. However, my husband would do this in a heartbeat. Guess that means we need to make another trip to Fethiye for him. We just didn’t have enough time this trip.
In this photo, I count 15 paragliders in the air at the same time!
The paragliders descend from Babadağ (Father Mountain), which apparently has incredible thermals and the ideal conditions for paragliding. Here’s a site that offers paragliding in Ölü Deniz.
And this is where I was camped out - underneath the beach umbrella!
Still just a fun activity to observe even when you’re grounded!

Check out other things to do in Ölü Deniz over at my friends’ site - Turkey’s for Life.

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

fabulous! i really want to visit turkey!

Julia said...

Got to say, I'm with you on this, Joy. I prefer my feet to be on the ground - not dangling in mid-air. :) Barry did it a couple of years ago. I waited on the beach!

Joy said...

@jaz - Yes, come visit Turkey! It's an amazing country full of so many things to do and see!

@Julia - I agree. =) Wish I could just hop on the dolmus like you and be at Olu Deniz more often. Next time though.