Saturday, November 19, 2011

This morning, we bought 26 kilos worth of fruits, vegetables and eggs at the Beşiktaş pazar. Or about 58 pounds!

We bought so much in anticipation of Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday, which I am hosting for several friends. I'll be busy in the kitchen all week.

One funny thing happened at the pazar today that I just had to share. I stopped by my normal egg guy's stall and was inspecting his eggs when two older Turkish women started telling me I had to buy some very specific eggs - koy yumurta or village eggs.

Honestly, I couldn't tell the difference from the normal buyuk brown eggs I buy from him. But these ladies were fairly persistent telling me to come and look in Turkish.

Guzel mi?, I asked.

Of course. Very good, they told me in Turkish.

Everyone has an opinion. (It's like asking a New Yorker who has the best slice of pizza in the city and you'll get 10 very different answers!)

So I bought half a flat of the koy yumurta for 6 TL or about $3.75. My egg guy smiled at me as I handed him my old plastic bag and egg carton, from a previous week,which bears his name.

Just another fun day at the pazar!



jaz@octoberfarm said...

i can't wait to see what you make and who are you inviting? i am roasting hopefully number 4 turkey tomorrow! it has been a long month of thanksgiving for me! and i am making my turkey rice soup too.

Anonymous said...

They are helpful, aren't they. I just love their friendly ways. Have a good Thanksgiving,
Bodil in Erenköy

Julia said...

Wow, how many friends are you cooking for?? :) We love the village eggs and always hunt around the pazar for them. Can't get them all the time here, unfortunately but they're well worth the extra kuruş.

Joy said...

ArVillage eggs + baking = Deliciousness! :) Made two pumpkin pies today while teaching a baking class today. And ill make one more for our dinner Thursday. We will have 14 people - American, French, Chinese, Russian and Turkish friends. :)