Monday, November 14, 2011

Whenever we travel, I always try and find a farmer’s market to visit.

The sights and the smell of unfamiliar products, the noises and the lively atmosphere always entices me into the often hectic market scene.

The growing village of Ubud, thanks in part to the Eat, Pray, Love movie starring Julia Roberts, in Bali was no different. This two-storey market, at the corner of Jl Monkey Forest and Jl Raya Ubud, is filled high with fruits, vegetables, dried spices, wood carvings, baskets, batik shirts and sarongs and all sorts of souvenirs aimed at the tourists. Just like the Grand Bazaar, you will need to haggle with the stall’s owners if you want to get a good deal.
A view of the Ubud farmer's market taken from the second floor.
Jason and I took a brief tour through the Ubud market with our tour guide, I Wayan Subawa, as part of a day-long cooking class we did through Paon Bali Cooking Class. I wanted to touch, sample and buy practically everything. Since we were on limited time, I had to settle for photographing as much as I could.

For now, I’ll leave you with some of my favorite market photos taken in Ubud, Bali. Hope you enjoy the journey as well!
Our tour guide, I Wayan, explains what a snakefruit is. The outside skin looks like a snake's, peels away easily, and the inside fruit tastes a bit like an apple-pineapple.
An upclose shot of the snakefruit.
Bali's rambutan tastes very similar to lychee fruit.
Fresh palm sugar! The palm sugar is cooked and boiled down until it creates a thick syrup.
The syrup is left to solidify in coconut halves.
A view of one stall's goods: spices and wood carvings of all kinds.
Colorful Bali temple offerings - these are weaved together and filled with flowers, sometimes 
coins, fresh fruit and incense and left at the temples in honor of the Hindu gods.

One fat kilo of vanilla beans sold for about $55 USD. At least that was the starting price,
and I didn't really have time to barter so I didn't buy them.
One Balinese woman was making and selling a variety of puddings and stewed fruits.
I Wayan told us not to buy because we might get Bali Belly since we aren't used to it.
One of my favorite market shots. A Balinese woman selling a variety of fresh
herbs, such as pandan leaf, and grasses.

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

thanks for showing the market. it reminds me of all the time i spent in the markets in seoul. bali belly! too funny and what a polite way of putting it. i would love to be in that market! did you try the snake fruit?

Joy said...

@Jaz - The markets are always one of my favorite things along with the food, of course! =) The snakefruit was okay....the flavor was good, but a bit strange starchy texture, definitely stronger than an apple.

Unknown said...

How interesting, Joy! Yes, that snakefruit looks so different yet I see you say it was just a bit stronger than an apple! I would expect more than that! Lucky you, to have such a great visit!

Joy said...

@Seasonal Cook - Always fun to try new things! Part of the joys of traveling, right?)

Unknown said...

PS go to my last post ...... :))

ButtonMad said...

Thrilled to find your blog...will be in Istanbul next week and wondering if you can help me find fabric and button and yarn shops in Istanbul? I have a company in south Africa hand painting buttons...we export all over the world...but am looking for an agent in Turkey...
Also would love to visit some fabric or button stores while I am there next week
Thanks for any help you can give...warm wishes from south africa

Joy said...

@ButtonMad-Welcome and am happy you found my blog! There are tons of fabric/button/sewing supply shops in the backstreets behind the Spice Bazaar in Eminonu. For yarn, check out this blogpost I wrote recently:
Knitting in Istanbul

If you have more questions, please send me a private email. I am happy to help!