Friday, November 18, 2011

Today, I kicked up the holiday spirit here in Istanbul with a festive cupcake decorating class at my home.

One of my expat friends recently asked if I could teach a cupcake class. Tabii!

So I put together some of my favorite cake and frosting recipes for a group of friends. Today, seven gals joined me at my apartment for a fun-filled day of cupcakes. The tables got a little messy filled with colored frostings and sprinkles, but we had fun.

Earlier this week, I explored the backstreets of Eminonu and found a ton of cake decorating supplies. I love this neighborhood! Even Christmas decor is out in full force right now. I found some incredibly cute plastic  snowman toppers and edible green Christmas trees at one of my favorite pastry supply stores.

So I just had to share two of the kinds of cupcakes we made today - a fuzzy, coconut polar bear face and a green "ho, ho, ho" ornament.

BTW, cupcakes taste great with a glass of rose wine too!

Afiyet olsun!

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

why didn't you tell me? i would have stopped by! haha!!! cut cupcakes! i drove out in the country today and found a fabulous smokehouse and stocked up on pork products. you would have died! they smoke the best ham i have ever tasted. i bought great looking kielbasa with whole mustard seeds and garlic!

Joy said... husband and I are very jealous!! But I plan to eat and cook as much of it as I can when I'm back in the US for Xmas! :-)

cecileeugenie said...

Hi Joy,
one of these days I'll attend your classes/workshops .. For now, can you tell me how you made the pink fuzzy topping? I love it!

Joy said...

@ Cecile, Sorry for the delay. I missed your comment somehow. For the polar bear cupcakes like the ones pictured, pipe or spread a thin layer of white frosting and top with the coconut flakes (hindistan cevisi). Perfect! Gumdrops and the Turkish m&ms complete the fuzzy face. =)