Thursday, December 8, 2011

Unlike the U.S., Christmas decorations do not appear until a more proper time like the beginning of December in Istanbul.

I’ve always thought it’s ridiculous that U.S. retailers start marketing Christmas and holiday decor as early as September! At that point, summer has just ended and the leaves have barely started turning their autumnal shades of glory.

Well, in Istanbul, the timing is right. But technically, the holiday decorations that currently fill many shop windows, especially in Nişantaşı, are for the New Year celebrations. The festive atmosphere leading up to December 31 is quite similar to what we’re used to seeing/doing for Christmas in the West.

Earlier this week, I walked through Nişantaşı on my way home from the metro and was delighted by all the garlands, silver strands, red and green bulbs and even Christmas/New Year’s trees in the neighborhood. Even Santa Claus makes a few appearances.
One of the many store window displays in Nişantaşı in Istanbul. I can only imagine the price on these items though! 
If you live in Istanbul and are missing the holiday spirit, just take a stroll through Nişantaşı. It brought a smile to my face!

Today, I’m heading out to do some shopping by the big Macy’s in NYC. Not sure if I’m ready for the crowds, but I am ready to see some more Christmasy things. And I’m sure I’ll get my fill Jingle Bells playing in the stores.

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

welcome back to new york joy!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Joy! So that's why I didn't see you at the Christmas Lunch today! Have a wonderful time!

Joy said...

From one cosmopolitan city to the next, here I am.=) good day in NYC.

Busy, but fun times seeing old friends and shopping for some kitchen supplies!

@ Claudia, Hope the lunch was fun. I'm sure it was!

Julia said...

Isn't it lovely, Joy? Fethiye is exactly the same. We had a Christmas Fayre here the other day and it was so good. Packed with a lot of Brits but mainly Turks buying up the decorations in preparation for New Year.

Joy said...

@ Julia, yes, Istanbul was looking quite festive. We'll be back in time to enjoy the fireworks on the 31st at least!

Zackary S Robinson said...

Is there anything special about the way Istanbul celebrates Christmas?