Sunday, December 4, 2011

For my recent baking classes in Ortakent, I luckily had the chance to stock up on fresh supplies at one of my favorite places - a pazar.

Asli Mutlu, owner of Erenler Sofrasi in Ortakent, took me to the Thursday pazar in Yalıkavak, a small fishing village about 18 km northwest of Bodrum. Once I laid eyes on all the stalls full of fresh mandalina at the pazar, I was in heaven! These super taze and bright orange mandalina were being sold for only 1 TL per kilo! We bought a few kilos, and later I used some in my cranberry-mandalina bundt cake.

We also bought pears, pumpkins, walnuts, cheese, some spices and a few other things for the restaurant and my class.

At one stall, I saw this orange pile of sugary delights. But ne?

Candied kumquats, I was told. Sweet! I've never seen these in Istanbul except for a few very overpriced fresh packets at Macrocenter. I'm actually surprised not to see kumquats in Turkey considering how much citrus and other sour-tasting fruits are grown here.

My suitcase now contains a small bag of these candied kumquats. I'm envisioning a new recipe involving a delicious pound cake with slivers of these kumquats in my near future!

Afiyet olsun! 

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

that sounds wonderful! i can get fresh kumquats now but i never know what to do with them!

Joy said...

@ Jaz - normally, in the restaurant business we would candy them. Blanch them 3xs in boiling, then cold water to remove the bitterness. Then, we usually took out the middle and candied the skin in a 1:1 simple syrup. Lots of work, but tasty!

Anonymous said...

Oh Yalikavak, I just adoed that little village. We where there in August, rented a boat from the Marina and sailed for a week around Bodrum and in the Gökova Körfesi, really lovely area.
cheers, Bodil

Joy said...

This coming summer, we'd love to at like you and sail around the area. All the koys look so beautiful!