Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This creamy soup is a spin-off the balkabağı çorbası (pumpkin soup) I made recently.

I was surprised my husband liked this slightly spicy soup so much that I made it again last week.

Bunches of cauliflower can be seen right now at every pazar or your local manav. It would be a shame not to make this simple and satisfying soup.

And, since they were so good last time, we made a new batch of fried garlic chips too.

Afiyet olsun!
Curried Cauliflower Soup/ Karnabahar Çorbası Korili

2          T.                                 vegetable or olive oil
1          med.                            onion, diced small
4-6       cloves                          garlic, roughly chopped
1          T.                                 curry powder
1/4       tsp.                              ground turmeric powder
1          kilo      (2.2 lbs.)          cauliflower florets
2          med.                            yellow potatoes, cut into small cubes
1          L.         (33. 8 oz.)        chicken stock or water
To taste                                   pul biber (red chili flakes), salt and freshly ground black pepper
120      ml.       (1/2 c.)             low-fat milk (Substitute whole milk or heavy cream for a richer taste.)

For garnish:                 shredded Kaşar peynir - a Turkish cheddar cheese
                                    Fried garlic chips (Note: mine took less than a minute to fry. Strain immediately and place on paper towel to absorb extra grease. Reserve the garlic oil to use in future recipes.)

1.         In a large stockpot, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add onion and saute about five minutes, until softened.
2.         Add the garlic, curry powder and ground turmeric. Cook for just a few minutes. Then add the cauliflower and potato chunks, stirring with a large spoon and cook for a few more minutes.
Be sure to stir well so the spices cover the cauliflower and potatoes.
3.         Then, add the stock or water. Add a dash of pul biber, salt and black pepper. Cover the pot with a lid and let simmer for about 20-30 minutes, until the cauliflower has softened.
4.         When finished cooking, add the milk. Using a hand immersion blender, puree the soup until smooth. Taste and adjust the seasonings as necessary.
5.         To serve, ladle the hot soup into warmed bowls. Garnish with shredded Kaşar peynir and a sprinkling of the fried garlic chips.

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

how did i miss this? i can't wit to make it and i love the fried garlic chips. i like to coat my garlic chips in salt and peppered cornstarch before frying them.

Joy said...

@jaz, I love your tip! I did sprinkle a bit of salt on my garlic chips afterwards, but I'll have to try your addition next time. Thanks!