Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Istanbul Adventure

Who knew a shopping trip for sewing supplies would lead to such an amazing view?
Foreground: Sebsafa Kadın Mosque along Ataturk Bulvarı. In the background, perched on the city's third hill, is the Süleymaniye Mosque. 
Last week, I went on an Istanbul adventure for fabric and sewing machine parts with my friend Sheryl of The Altered Passport. It took us two different buses to get across the Golden Horn to the Fatih district just north of Sultanahmet.

I brought my camera to take some shots while my friend was shopping, and I provided some Turkish translation along the way. I also learned the word for checkered fabric - kareli.

Unfortunately, the sky was overcast and some fog had rolled in along the Bosphorus. I didn't get the best photos, but I still wanted to share some of the architectural gems we saw in this neighborhood.

For lunch, we stopped at the restored Zeyrekhane, a restaurant that features an outdoor garden and garden and terrace with magnificent views of the Golden Horn and back to the Süleymaniye Mosque. Sheryl and I agreed we need to return when the weather is warmer so we can sit outside and enjoy the view with a glass of Turkish wine.
The outdoor garden and terrace area at Zeyrekhane.
Zeyrekhane is surrounded by the remains and buildings of a large monastic complex, dating to Byzantine times, called the Monastery of the Pantokrator. (Zeyrek Kilise Mosque). This complex, currently undergoing restorations, once consisted of two churches, a chapel as well as a mental hospital, general hospital and a hospice for elderly men. After the conquest in 1453, the chapel was converted into a mosque named Mollya Zeyrek Mehmed Efendi after its imam.

Because of the overcast skies, we decided not to stay as long as we had planned. That means I must return again to explore this little-visited neighborhood.

Hopefully, I'll get on the right bus next time!

·         To reach this area by bus, look for a bus heading to Aksaray or Unkapanı.

·         Zeyrekhane is located at Ibadethane Arkası Sokak No.10, Zeyrek-Fatih, Istanbul
View of the Golden Horn from the restaurant's terrace.
Another view of the Golden Horn with the Galata Tower, located to the right.
Old hamam shoes noting the women's restroom in the restaurant.
The city's traffic moving along with the impressive Aqueduct of Valens in the background.

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Julia said...

Great photos Joy. The best photos always come from little expeditions like this, I always think.

Unknown said...

Yes, great photos, grey skies or not. You take wonderful pics.

Joy said...

@Julia, I do too. So many places to explore in Istanbul.

@Claudia, thank you! I've been part of the IWI Photo club so am trying to learn more.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

wow...i want to go fabric shopping with you! more snow? lucky you. i think winter is over here for this year. can't wait to see your soup!

Joy said...

@jaz, I'd love to take you shopping here. Posting a cauliflower recipe and making the wild rice soup tomorrow. Subbing Turkish sucuk for the ham. So probably will post the recipe on Friday or this weekend. Thanks!

rea said...

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