Friday, August 17, 2012

Usually people go to the cute seaside village of Arnavutköy to eat at one of the many seafood restaurants here.

But not me.

When I'm out and about during the day and happen to by nearby, I pop into a tiny pide and lahmacun shop a few streets back off the main shore road.

Emir Kebap & Pide only has four tables inside and two tables outside. When I stop in for lunch, one of the guys will sometimes move a male customer so I can have a table to myself. It's a nice gesture, but not necessary.

Sometimes I order the lentil soup, only 3 tl, and then I'll order a lahmacun or my favorite - an ispanaklı pide (a spinach open-faced Turkish "pizza"), only 7 tl. So lunch only costs me about 10 tl on average.
I love spinach and cheese together, and this place does the combination quite well! In fact, this is one of the few places where I've actually seen an ispanaklı pide on the menu in Istanbul. Also, I've never even ordered another type of pide here because the spinach one is THAT good!
I always top my pide off with a generous spoonful of Turkish pul biber.
At Emir Kebap & Pide, the pide crust is always crispy and has just the right about of fillings. And it's served popping hot out of the stone oven.
Bonus: you can watch the guys rolling out the pide dough and throwing it on the peel and into the hot oven while you eat. After lunch, take a stroll around Arnavutköy and enjoy the architecture of the old houses here.

Emir Kebap & Pide
Francalacı Cad. No:16
Arnavutköy, Istanbul

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

next time i make pide i should try this. that lentil soup looks really good too!

Deniz Bevan said...

I love Fistik, which is one street away, near the Ataturk Park... Pide is my favourite food!

Julia said...

I love ıspanaklı pide AND lentil soup. Gonna have to visit here next time we're in Istanbul! :)

Joy said...

@Joyce, Definitely give it a go! If only I had a wood-fired oven at home! :-)

@Deniz, good to know! Thanks for the tip.

@Julia, definitely recommend this pide next time you are here.

Sue Narayan said...

I just ran into this post, Joy -- don't know how I missed it. We love Emir Kebap. Stumbled on it last year with visitors on their first day in Istanbul. They were good sports about sitting down at such a rustic little place -- and we were all impressed by the ispanik pide.

Alyson said...

We stumbled upon this place last night when ordering pide through Yemeksepeti. When I realised they were in Arnavutkoy, I wondered if it was the place you tried! I had the ground beef pide and my husband had the potato, both were delicious!

Joy said...

@Sue, it's a great little place, huh? ;-) The guys there are very kind!

@Alyson Tart, yes, this place is on yemeksepti, but try to pop into the place sometime too.