Saturday, September 29, 2012

Grandpa is happy to be away the craziness of Istanbul

"That city is nuts!" he exclaimed. Yes, it's a bit different than New Jersey.

I have to agree with him, especially when you wake up to a view like this one in Fethiye.
We woke up to a full marina in Fethiye this morning.
Both Grandma and Grandpa love being by the sea, so we planned a weekend get-away to Fethiye. There's a whole different vibe here. My stress instantly melted away once I got the car parked in front of the Alesta Yacht Hotel. (I took this photo from our 4th-floor hotel room.)

Yes, I'm driving once again in Turkey, but there's far less traffic here. Today, we are venturing out to Ölü Deniz so we can relax on the beach for a bit.

More coming soon. For now, I gotta go knock on their door and head to breakfast.

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BacktoBodrum said...

Enjoy your trip - hope you get out into the Bay of Fethiye. One of the best places to sail in Turkey

Joy said...

@BacktoBodrum, We didn't get to sail unfortunately, but we enjoyed our time in and around Fethiye very much! Do I dare say I'm pretty sure I like it much better than Bodrum. ;-)