Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My answer to my friends on where I find my baking ingredient and supplies is always a resounding - Eminönü.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that not everyone shares my love of Eminönü or doesn’t want to take the time to go here. If you want the best selection and best prices in Istanbul, then this is the ONLY option as I mentioned in this post: My 3 Favorite Baking Supply Stores in Eminönü in Istanbul.

If you simply cannot get to Eminönü, I do have two other recommendations for you.

If you live on the Asian side, I have stumbled upon a small pastry shop, about a five-minute walk away from the fish market in KadıköyCoşan Pastacilik is located on a small pedestrian-only street called Serasker Cad. 
The store carries a variety of cookie cutters and molds, metal and silicone baking pans and cake decorating supplies. It looks like you can even order baking supplies from the company’s website. However, I can tell you the store’s prices are definitely a bit more expensive than my regular stores in Eminönü. I guess you are paying for the convenience.

Another baking supply store that opened within the last few months is in Ortaköy. Located a few blocks west of the shore road, Mutfak Kitap is a jam-packed small store that carries a decent selection of Turkish and baking cookbooks, baking supplies and cookie cutters. The prices here are more reasonable. For example, a one-kilo package of fondant here costs 12 tl compared to 10 tl at Besan in Eminönü. You also can order from this store’s website. 

When I popped in here again earlier this month, I found a new display case filled with imported goods such as rice vinegar, soy sauce, sushi rice, maple syrup and agave syrup. Odd!

Twice, I have bought items from Mutfak Kitap because I can quickly take the bus from Beşiktaş to Ortaköy when I don’t have much time. But I still prefer to stock up on as many baking ingredients and supplies as I can in Eminönü.

***Today, I thought of a third shop as I was out and about. The German chain of coffee shops/cafés, Tchibo, with several locations in Istanbul, also carries random baking supplies such as silpats, cookie cutters, special cake pans, kitchen appliances, etc. The inventory changes on a weekly basis. I find this concept totally bizarre because you can have a latté while you shop for long underwear, an ironing board, pillow cases and blouses.

You never know what you'll find at Tchibo so it's best to pop into here often. For example, this is where I bought my cookie stamps for my Holiday Message-In-A-Cookie Recipe.

Happy baking everyone!

Coşan Pastacilik
Address: Osmanağa Mh. Serasker Cd. No:76
Tel: 0216-450-5071

Mutfak Kitap
Address: Muvakkit Sokak No:19
Tel: 0212-511-5140

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Anonymous said...

Do the Turkish kitchens normally have an oven or is that something that is limited? To me an oven is a part of a standard kitchen but have learned over the years that it some countries that's a luxury

Olga@Delicious Istanbul said...

Joy, thanks for keeping the list of those helpful stores! I definitely agree about Eminönü: it's far from glamorous but you can find absolutely everything you may need for your kitchen undertakings at unbeatable prices and (if you shop from the same vendors) get the customer service you can only dream of elsewhere.

Joy said...

Thanks Karen!

@Olga, thanks! I happen to love Eminönü too! The guys at Sancar are so good to me. Oh abla, you must try this. Etc. If my two regular guys aren't there, I wait to pop back in bc they know me and give me the best customer service - a rarity in Turkey! :-)

BacktoBodrum said...

I wish we had a decent store here. Do you have a tried and tested recipe for making fondant icing from scratch?

Joy said...

@Annie, No! We made fondant from scratch once in culinary school and I've never made it again. It's quite difficult...watching the temp to get it right. Here, it's so cheap! 4tl for a small packet of ready-made, colored fondant.

Joy said...

@Anonymous, Apartments in Turkey don't always come with an oven/fridge or sometimes even cupboards. You have to buy usually everything and then you have to sell or move it with you to your next place. I know most Turks have some kind of oven bc so many Turkish dishes are baked in ovens.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Do you know of a place to buy corn syrup or evaporated milk?

Joy said...

@Anonymous, Actually never saw either one of those in Istanbul. So I would sub English Golden Syrup for any recipe with corn syrup and it worked great. That's easier to find like at Macro or Gourmet Garage in Istanbul. For evap. milk, I would just sub milk or cream like in my pie recipes. Seems to work just fine for me!



I was wondering if there is a place that I could purchase a kunefe maker. Would you have any recommendations on where to purchase one for a home kitchen and not one of the big machines but a hand held device.

Joy said...

@Stephanie, the kunefe I've always seen is made by hand not by machine. You take the strands of shredded phyllo dough and pull apart a bit. Add melted butter. Then press into bottom of small rounded tin. Place cheese on top. Press more buttered strands on top. That's it! :-)

Here's one of my Turkish friend's very easy recipe for kunefe:

Rashmi said...

So glad i came across your blog before traveling to Turkey.
I am a baker & would love to buy things like hazelnut paste, pistachio paste etc from turkey. Could you recommend a store for that?
Thanks :)

Unknown said...

How happy am I to find your blog! I was lamenting that I consciously decided not to bring chocolate chips or dark brown sugar from home today...Do you ever use pekmez as molasses? Would that work to make my own brown sugar? Or does somewhere carry the real stuff I'm unaware of? I tried Macro and Carrefour gourmet, alas...
Can't wait to keep reading your blog :)

Joy said...

@Anonymous, Hello, yes, I used pekmez as molasses. I usually used the grape version. Pekmez also works well to make your own brown sugar. Simply use a hand or stand mixer, place 1-2 cups of white sugar and a couple tablespoons of pekmez in a bowl and mix until you have the color that you want. :) As far as I know, you can't find real brown sugar in Istanbul.