Monday, November 4, 2013

After seeing the trees rapidly change colors this fall, I’d recommend this as one of the top seasons to visit Warsaw or elsewhere in Poland.

Apparently, the Poles even have a special term to describe this season - the Golden Polish Autumn, (Złota Polska Jesień). The month of October was truly splendid with golden, rust and pumpkin colors around the city.
Though it’s only the first week in November, the majority of the trees have already shed their leaves. That means even colder winter temps are just around the corner.

Last month, I spent several afternoons taking photos around the city, which continues to surprise me with its hidden beauty. It’s so refreshing to take a stroll through one of the city’s numerous parks as mentioned in my Top 10 Reasons to Love Living in Warsaw.
Abandoned pre-war building near the Gas Museum in Warsaw.
One of the parks I discovered thanks to one of my local readers, Kami at Kami & The Rest of the World, was Park Skaryszewski, the largest park on the right bank of Warsaw. The park covers 55 hectacres and contains several ponds, trees and places to settle down for a picnic as well as a waterfall and a small pub. Again, remember all the ‘pubs in parks’ that I’ve mentioned before?
Seagulls landing on the pond in Park Skaryszewski. 
When I visited Park Skaryszewski, it was difficult to not take a good photo as the autumn-colored trees were perfectly reflected in the ponds. Pretty soon, I found myself with about 100 photos. Thank goodness I can edit and delete them later!
Until next fall, enjoy these photos taken around Warsaw. Maybe they’ll convince you to visit us next year during the Golden Polish Autumn!
I've seen some of the best fiery sunsets this fall in Warsaw!
Pine tree reflections at the park.
Park Skaryszewski
Address: Aleja Zieleniecka and Aleja Jerzego Waszyngtona See map.
Warsaw, Poland

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Mavi göz said...

When my boyfriend came from Turkey on October, we went to Warsaw and we visited Park Skaryszewski, we liked so much! We were there in the morning, it was just great :)

Joy said...

@Vixen, Happy to hear that! Hope you enjoy your upcoming trip to Turkey! :-)

jaz@octoberfarm said...

what a gorgeous place. i want to walk through that park through all the fallen leaves!

Joy said...

@Joyce, definitely a gorgeous park to spend some time in here!

Unknown said...

I really miss beautiful Polish autumn

Joy said...

@Angieszka, I can see why! We've loved seeing the colorful trees in Warsaw as well as nearby Kampinos National Park!

Unknown said...

I had never experienced a true fall until moving to Europe, and oh man it's such a treat! Lovely photos.

Joy said...

@ifs ands butts, I had experienced nice falls in NYC and Baltimore, but there's definitely something special about traveling around Europe in the fall too! :-)