Friday, October 17, 2014

Same park, same season, but different photos.

This is my second year walking through Łazienki Park (Łazienki Królewskie in Polish) in Warsaw during the autumn season. I recently spent a few hours here with a group of girlfriends so we could capture the fall beauty in photos. Even though I was here last year at the same time, the photos I captured this year are definitely different.
This is where we enjoyed the summer Chopin concerts on Sundays. 
Maybe my perspective has changed. Maybe different things caught my eye this time. Maybe I can blame it on the warmer weather effecting the trees this year.
Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy walking through Łazienki Park in its full fall beauty with me.

Which photo is your favorite?
The Palace on the Water (Pałac na Wodzie).
The Chinese Embassy in Warsaw sponsored the building of a new Chinese garden and pagoda area in Łazienki Park.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. My husband is Polish and we visit family in Warsaw often. I enjoy your blog!

Joy said...

Dziękuję bardzo for stopping by! :-)