Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's funny how you notice Turkish things everywhere - once out of the country.

Evil eye necklaces and ceramic serving platters, leather-bound notebooks, blue and white ceramics, wooden jewelry boxes and more. I even overheard people speaking Turkish in a grocery store! I wanted to join the conversation.
I spy something from the Grand Bazaar!
I smiled and laughed out loud as I saw these items at the outdoor Christmas market in Union Square in NYC. I chuckled a bit more when I saw the ridiculous prices - 2-3 times the price I've paid at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul!

But I guess if you want a taste of Turkey without paying for the airfare, these holiday markets, set up in several NYC locations, are your best bet! Hours: 10-7 until Dec. 24, I believe.

One of the market stalls even had a full spread of teas and dried spices, pictured, that I often buy at the Misir Çarsisi in Eminönü in Istanbul. But not the same service I get from my friends at Ucuzcular, and I certainly won't get offered bottomless glasses of çay! Sigh!
And this stall was totally Turkish located in Union Square!

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Unknown said...

How interesting - who would have guessed??

Sheryl Sparks said...

I love that! I wouldn't have known that was Turkish stuff before - - I feel very fortunate to have these things at my fingertips!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

there is turkish stuff for sale all over my city too. it is so funny!

Kim, Living to Seas the Moment said...

I have noticed a few items here at the beach since my trip to Istanbul in July. I keep checking Word Market for the olive oil liquid hand soap that I brought back with me. My bottle is empty and my hands can tell the difference! Last Sunday, a lady in the pew in front of me at church had a skirt covered in Evil Eyes! I laughed as I thought to myself, I would have thought those were olives until my trip showed me the "eyes"! Enjoy your trip!

Julia said...

Good to see you're still finding snippets of Turkey on your break, Joy. and also good to know they're more expensive there, too. ;)

Joy said...

As I thought, I haven't found anything Turkish in Nebraska yet, but I'll keep my eyes out.

I went to a large grocery store here last nite and there was barely any selection of fresh herbs. I miss my pazars!!

Joy said...

@Kim, you should see if Sheryl could bring you some of the soap or at least mail it to you. =)