Friday, December 28, 2012

If you still need some Christmas cheer in Istanbul, I’d recommend heading down to the Pera Palace Hotel.

We popped into this historic hotel, located in the former Pera neighborhood, to show off the impressive multi-million renovation to our visiting friend earlier this month. A stunning Christmas tree greets you in the lobby as soon as you pass the hotel doormen.
As you enter the Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul.
Who wouldn’t want to see where the likes of Agatha Christie and Ernest Hemingway once hung out in Istanbul in the early 1900s? I would love to have seen this city through their eyes!

We happened to drop by during the hotel’s afternoon English tea time, which is every day from 3 to 6 p.m. in the Kubbeli Saloon Tea Lounge. We saw a gorgeous spread of sweet petit fours, cookies, sandwiches and even a festive gingerbread house. A gentleman was playing soothing classical music on a piano while I was hoping to hear a Christmas song or two.
A peak inside the Kubbeli Saloon Tea Lounge at the Pera Palace Hotel.
The afternoon tea also includes Turkish tea or other kinds of tea as well of coffee and fresh juices. I think the cost is around 50 tl per person, but you’d be best to double check.

If you’re looking to indulge in this unique afternoon tea experience, the Pera Palace Hotel certainly offers a historic, elegant and Christmas-y surroundings.

Reservations are recommended.
Phone: 0212 377 4000
The hotel's historic elevator (no longer functioning) was Turkey's first elevator in 1892.

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Julia said...

We haven't been inside since it was all renovated. It certainly needed it and got to say, it looks lovely in your pics. I know it's had a mixed reaction but your pics have made us curious now. :)

Happy New Year to you and look forward to more of your blogging in 2013!

Ozlem's Turkish Table said...

very festive post Joy : ) have been there after the restoration but it looks stunning now with the festive decor, thanks for sharing. happy new year to you and hope to see you soon in 2013! x Ozlem

Joy said...

@Julia, the Pera really is lovely inside! I've also heard mixed reactions particularly about the old bar where Hemingway drank and it was replaced. It still looks nice but hate to lose a piece of history.
Happy New Year to you guys too down south! :)

@Ozlem, thank you! I'm sure Istanbul isn't as festive looking as England but it sure has been enjoyable for us being away for the 1st time. Hope to see you in 2013 as well. Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

I was reluctant to go back to the Pera as I'd heard bad things about the renovation, but it looks great in your pictures. I'd like to go and sample the afternoon tea.

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