Monday, December 17, 2012

Our weekend was filled with warm sunshine, a table full of food and surrounded by new friends.

Now, we’re back in cold, dreary and rainy Istanbul.

I already miss sitting outside with a glass of wine in a short-sleeves shirt and admiring the lush green country side near Gönyeli, North Cyprus.
Just before sunset in North Cyprus.
Although we told ourselves we weren’t going to travel in December, we couldn’t help ourselves. We snapped up fairly inexpensive tickets to North Cyprus via Pegasus Airlines so we could visit our Cypriot friends. (Pegasus is always offering deals to destinations in Turkey and Europe. Seriously, sign up for the email newsletter.)

One of our friends, Umut, was hosting his third annual “Thanksmas” party. I volunteered to help make my pumpkin pies and hubby would help chop, prep things for the party. My new mantra is have apron, will travel!

Speaking of which, I have some holiday baking to work on so it’s time for me to don my apron and get in the kitchen. Editing photos and working on a new blog post will have to wait.

Here are some of my previous posts about traveling in beautiful North Cyprus.

More to come soon!

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Cuisine de Provence said...

"Have apron will travel" - love it!

Joy said...

@Barbara, thank you! In fact, I ended up leaving my 2 favorite aprons at our friend's place. Hopefully they don't get lost in the mail on their return to Istanbul. :-)

Julia said...

As usual, can't keep up with you, Joy. :) Hope you get your aprons back and hope to catch up with you in 2013...we're pining for Istanbul as we didn't get up there for the run this year so am suspecting we'll be up there soonish... :)

jaz@octoberfarm said...

what fun! you sure have great adventures!

Joy said...

@Julia, I know. Definitely let me know when you are heading this way again!

@Joyce, thanks! We sure are having fun trying to see as much as we can.