Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This week, I’ve spent many hours in my kitchen whipping up a holiday storm.

The long hours on my feet remind me of the days/nights I spent working in restaurants professionally back in the U.S. Then, I at least had a dishwasher to wash all the countless bowls, spatulas and whisks I used.
My dining room table was filled with my decorated cakes, cupcakes and cookies.
This wasn't even everything that I baked for three days!
Today, I spent the entire day at the Hilton Convention Center in Istanbul since I was the main organizer of the Bakery table at the IWI Christmas Bazaar. My team had three full tables full of cookies, cupcakes, bars, cakes and other baked goods. It was a busy, hectic, but fun day - talking with many women I’ve met before and meeting new faces.

At the end of the day, the Bakery raised nearly 2,200 TL in ticket sales! I was thrilled! I must admit my table had the second highest sales in the Food Court. Yeah! (Thanks to everyone’s donation of time, money and baked goods!!)

Last year, the money from the entire bazaar was donated to the Bomonti Little Sisters of the Poor and a women’s and children’s group in Istanbul. These are both great causes and I’m happy to do my part.

Now, I’m exhausted. I just finished packing and I’m ready to call it a day. Tomorrow, I head to Bodrum, Turkey, for my 3-day pastry class at the Erenler Sofrasi. Wish you could join me!

Afiyet olsun!
Baking in Istanbul - this is where it all started at home!
Hilton Hotel Istanbul - this is what the Bakery table looked like at the IWI bazaar.
Thanks to the many donations, especially the 60 cupcakes from the Istanbul Cupcake Factory!
Well, I got to have a little fun cutting a large cake with a giant sword!
Watch out, I can handle a knife!
My friend, Ayse, and I decorated two of these cute Christmas tree cakes together.
Chocolate ganache tart with caramel sauce.
Vişne and pistachio bundt cake with a pretty-in-pink nar glaze.
I adored this cake and must share the recipe with you down the road!
I also made two dozen holiday decorated cupcakes with  my infamous lemon curd in the center.

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jaz@octoberfarm said... did a fantastic job! everything is so pretty! congratulations!i am about to start my nonstop cookie baking!

Cuisine de Provence said...

How very beautiful - love the Christmas tree cake! Good luck with your Bodrum baking classes - wish I could be there....

Erica (Irene) said...

WOW!!! You did an amazing job.....everything looks great. Love the Christmas trees.

Thanks for sharing, :-)

Erica (Irene) said...

WOW!!! You did an amazing job.....everything looks great. Love the Christmas trees.

Thanks for sharing, :-)

Joy said...

Thanks ladies!! Been busy baking the last 2 days in Bodrum. Been fun! Will post more soon when I have better internet access.

Unknown said...

I was lucky enough to see all these amazing cakes in the flesh and they were just terrific! I hope you are going to tell us how to make that chocolate ganache, Joy? I also love those Christmas trees... gosh you are can you go off to another bakefest so soon after all this???